The following will provide information on the

Annual Las Vegas Geo-Poker Run and how it works.


We created the Las Vegas Geo-Poker Run as a way to Geocache with some enhanced features.

The Poker Run also adds 20 new caches to the Vegas Valley each year, as once the Poker Run is over, all the caches are published for everyone to enjoy and the participants who found them can claim their smileys as well.

First and foremost, we want to stress the importance of safety.

Please do not consider this to be a competition. You will have more than enough time to find the caches throughout the course of the day. The competition starts at the final event when you will be playing your poker hands against the other participants. So please drive safely and carefully. We also want to stress that it is not required to form TEAMS. If you would like to for the camaraderie or to save on fuel, that's fine. But it is not required.

ALL participants must sign a liability waiver
or they will not be allowed to participate.
These waivers will be available at the morning event
or you can print one out from the link at the bottom of this page. 
If children will be participating, it must be with a parent or legal guardian
who has signed the waiver for the minor.

Now on to the fun…

When you arrive to the morning event you will sign in as usual. If participating in the Poker Run, then you will also turn in your waivers (one for each person participating).  Upon receiving your waiver, we will issue you a Scorecard. Only one scorecard will be issued per Geocaching ID and only one ID may be used per person. It is your responsibility not to lose this scorecard. We will not give out replacements.

Once everyone is signed in and has their scorecards, we will go over all these instructions again before turning you all loose on the valley.

Your scorecards will have 15 Poker Hand geocaches listed on the front and 5 Discard geocaches  on the back. They will all include necessary coordinates and any pertinent information we feel you will need.

You are required to find all of the 15 Poker Hand caches as these will be what earn you a 5 card poker hand later.

To earn each playing card you will need to find 2 caches that will each give you half of a coordinate to find a 3rd Mystery cache. This Mystery cache will contain a means for you to prove you were there as instructed on your scorecard. Once you have repeated this process 5 times, you will have found 15 caches and have all the necessary proof to earn your 5 playing cards.


Now for the flip side of your scorecard… the 5 Discard caches!


First of all, let me start by saying that these caches are strictly optional. You can find as many as you wish, to include all or none of them. However, it may benefit you to find as many as you can if time permits. Because the number of Discard caches you find will allow you to throw away up to the same amount of your original 5 playing cards earned from the Poker Hand caches, then that number of new cards will be dealt to you in an effort to create a stronger Poker Hand.

These caches will vary in difficulty and may or may not require the use of special tools to acquire them. No, we will not tell you ahead of time what you will need. These are meant to be a little more difficult or time consuming. These caches will also have a means to prove you found them. The scorecard will instruct you further.

The dealing of all cards will take place at the Final Table event.


The Final Table Event:

You will be required to end your caching day and report to the Final Table event by the time instructed on the Event page. If you arrive after all the scorecards are turned in, your scorecard will not be accepted and you  will forfeit the game.


Upon arrival to the event, sign in and present your scorecard at the Final Table. Your scorecard will then be inspected for all the necessary proof of found caches. When it is determined that you have earned a complete hand, you will be dealt 5 cards from a freshly shuffled 52 card deck. If you have earned Discards, you may then request to throw away up to as many Discards as you’ve earned and the same number of new cards will be dealt back to you. The game is Draw Poker and the player at the end with the best hand will be deemed the Champion.


In the event of a tie for the best hand, the tied players will face off in a head to head poker match to determine the winner.


Winning Poker Hands

(strongest to weakest):

Royal Flush

Straight Flush

4 of a Kind

Full House



3 of a Kind

Two Pair


High Card


The associated events can be found by clicking the "Upcoming Events" tab on the left side of the screen, or through a search on the Geocaching website.

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